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All services are exclusive to our members.  Membership and recurring scheduled services allow us to ensure the highest level of quality and care. 

Any of our services may be combined into a recurring maintenance schedule.  Some services are also available a la carte.  Please reach out for details.

Each week we will come to check in on your home.  Some owners prefer that we check on the exterior, while others have us inspect both the inside and outside of the property.   Our staff at Shore House Maintenance is trained to perform a thorough surveillance ensuring nothing is out of place, there is no damage, and that everything is in working order.  After completion of our 50 point inspection checklist, you will be provided with an electronic copy of our standardized report.  If a problem or issue is identified, you will be notified immediately, and we will be equipped to handle any issues or any emergencies that may arise. 


We stress the details so you can relax.

As a full service management and maintenance company we handle everything from residential to commercial properties and our team is here to assist with a hospitality oriented mindset.  

If you're looking for a full time property manager or a dedicated team to handle certain tasks like landscape design or snow removal, call us today to see how Shore House Maintenance can help!

Together we can customize a recurring maintenance plan to take care of the odds and ends like lawn mowing, snow removal, etc.  Call us to set up a free consultation!

Are you looking to generate extra income with your property, or maybe boost the revenue you're already producing? Shore House Maintenance can help with every aspect of your short term rental property. 

Our local team is here to deliver the exceptional service that you, your home, and your guests deserve!

Looking for extra hours in your day to relax on the weekends? We can make this happen by taking care of all the little details. From your garbage cans to the pool, no task is too tedious for the Shore House Maintenance staff.  

We provide complete concierge services with the highest level of care. Whether it’s your primary or secondary home, we’ll develop a full estate plan to attend to your every need.

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